Altered States of Science

CLOSING MAY 30, 2017

Since 1996

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What is your dream for your body?

Do you dream of ease? Of being pain free? Of feeling how you used to feel?

Is pain, stiffness, weakness preventing your dreams?

Since 1996 Cynthia Mealy, founder of Altered States of Science, has helped clients attain health and wellness.

Cynthia’s mission is to help you  reclaim your health and vitality,and then to maintain it.

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Massage allows you to enter a time and space where your body is relaxed and your mind is quiet. This altered state of consciousness promotes healing and renewal.  This healing state is available to all, from athletes to fragile elders.


I need to get on your table, Cynthia. How can I do that?

Ms. Mealy’s firm knowledge of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and medical exercise strengthens her clients experience, allowing them to progress on their paths. Whether those paths are surgical recovery, improving general health, or increasing athletic performance, Altered States offers the support needed for clients to attain their goals.



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About Altered States of Science

Altered States of Science is an Oakland based massage studio catering to those who seek to improve their health. Clients travel from all over the San Francisco Bay Area to the studio’s lovely offices on Piedmont Ave. Clients range from those seeking a relaxing experience to those recovering from a severe injury or surgery.



Cynthia Mealy is a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and Medical Exercise Specialist. She graduated from National Holistic Institute, whose course in Massage Therapy and Health Education is accredited by the California State Board of Education and the COMTAA (Commission on Massage Training Accreditation/Approval). Her Medical Exercise Certification comes from the North American Academy of Health, Fitness and Rehabilitation Professionals.

She is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association.


Some ask "Why "Altered States of Science?"

We are 'ALTERED STATES' because massage can take you into a time and space where the body is relaxed and the mind is quiet. This is a non drug-induced altered state of consciousness. There is increasing evidence that taking the time to enter into this state of relaxed consciousness promotes health and well-being.

We are 'OF SCIENCE' because at Altered States we have studied and apply the disciplines of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and medical exercise to strengthen our clients' recovery, general health, or athletic performance.

We 'ALTER THE STATE OF SCIENCE' because we are not specialists in white coats performing medical procedures rendering you passive. As an Alternative Health Care Practice, Altered States will work with you and empower you to be active in your therapeutic goals.


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