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While receiving your Massage, you will experience a blend of high quality lotions or creams applied to your skin with long, smooth strokes gliding over your muscles. These strokes increase your blood circulation, flow of "lymph" (a fluid which moves toxins out of cells), as well as increasing the efficiency of your digestive and urinary systems. These benefits alone will support your body's natural functions of nutritional absorption, immunity, and skin elasticity and tone.


When your muscles are warmed up, the pressure can become deeper with a more specific intent.

These deeper strokes address the tension and soreness in each particular muscle with circular, gliding, horizontal, longitudinal or vibrational movements.

The nerves stop sending pain signals, the muscle fibers and connective tissue (called fascia) begin to be realigned. In addition to this, the adhesions and scar tissue (commonly called "knots") begin to break down, releasing the muscle from the toxins and inhibiting tissue that are causing your pain and stiffness.

Working in this way also prevents the formation of adhesions and scar tissue, which will help prevent further pain and speed recovery if an injury has occurred.

You will sink into relaxation even further when you breathe deeply as you are stretched to give space for the joints, encourage the production of synovial fluid, and help release the muscles from tension and pain even more.


After the deeper work, rhythmic, percussive movements with the fingertips or soft fists may be applied. Your therapist will move across the area just worked to increase the surface blood supply and stimulate the nerves. You will then be lightly brushed to give a sense of closing, deep relaxation, and cleansing.


How can I find your office?

Use your favorite program to get directions to the address below, then **use the directions to find me after you have parked**.  The office is tucked away in a beautiful courtyard, if you have the directions you will have no trouble walking right to my door.


4283 Piedmont Avenue

Suite F-3;

Oakland, CA 94611

John street is where you are most likely to find parking. Find parking on John, or the next cross street, Howe.

Walking back to Piedmont Avenue from John Street
Turn right on Piedmont, stay on right side of street
Look for a dark red sign with gold script lettering that says "Bella Donna" (a hair salon)
Go back into the courtyard of this building
Take the last staircase that goes up onto the deck.

My office is at the top of the stairs, if the door is closed, please go to the end of the deck to the waiting room/restroom - the door code is 2-4-5





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