Altered States of Science

Health and Posture Support

As a Certified Health Educator, Cynthia offers additional services for her client's benefit.


Altered States of Science

offers postural and gait assessment services. 

Depending on the client,

the assessment takes between 30-60 mins. $60.00

You will come out having completed a “map” of your body indicating the muscular imbalances and with some strategies for addressing these, including exercises or targeted stretches if appropriate.

Have a quick look at this 2 minute video that explains postural and gait assessments.


Assessments for Specific Injury or Pain

Altered States of Science offers assessments for shoulders and knees.

Soon, Cynthia will also offer specific  hip and spine assessments.

Specific assessments can be booked with a postural/gait assessment if time allows $95.00

A specific assessment alone is $60.00



Check back soon for more information on packages for Headaches!




One of my favorite resources  for health and wellness is Self Growth


The Online Self Improvement and Self Help Encyclopedia


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