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Testimonials from clients who come for pain relief, injury recovery and stress relief  


Cynthia is an excellent massage therapist. She has a deep, technical knowledge of her field and is able to apply that knowledge very skillfully. My hands and arms were injured in a car accident and Cynthia's unique massage techniques were the best medicine I received. Without her, I don't think I would have healed nearly so quickly. In addition to her great massage skills, her space is very serene and clean. She is a warm,, compassionate person who is able to communicate well about whatever your concerns may be. She is always on time as well."

K.C. Oakland, CA

My muscles are very tight, and I have chronic pain because of this.  Seeing Cynthia for massage on a regular basis has helped to improve the quality of my life.  Her massage technique not only feels wonderful, it also helps me to live relatively pain-free.

Cynthia's preventive support is also invaluable in helping me to maintain a healthy balance by providing me with informative email articles about stretching and strengthening various muscle groups along with great illustrations and detailed instructions to make sure I am doing the exercises correctly.

K.M. Alameda, CA

I have been coming to see Cynthia for years. While working, I saw her
weekly--she knew just the right points to press to keep my stressed out
body functioning and pain free. Now Im retired, I continue to see her for
monthly tuneups. I highly recommend her for massage.
E.S. Alameda, CA

I have been seeing Cynthia twice a month for ten years.     Without her I am convinced my daily life would be much different.  She has taught me that taking care of myself is an orchestra of discipline, which includes massage, stretching,
core building and exercise.

Cythnia has become a very bright spot in my life.    I am
still amazed at how she finds the problem "spots" and hones in like a
missile after its target.  How does she do that?  The sweet relief is
indescribable.  I get up after each appointment feeling renewed, relaxed
and pliable again.

I am so grateful to have her in my life.  How did I get so lucky?  She is
 a healer and one of the most balanced human beings I have ever
met.  That balance has a centering affect on me that I take with me every
time I get off the massage table.

I hope and pray she will be a praticing massage therapist for another 50
years.  My mind, body and soul cannot live without her.  Thank you

D.S. Danville, CA

 Getting regular massage treatments from Cynthia has helped bring about positive changes for me. Not only has she brought me relief from hip and neck pain but, through her assessment and recommended exercises, I am finding ways to improve my posture and avoid stressing my back and hip when I go for long walks.
J.B. Berkeley, CA

I have been seeing Cynthia twice a month for over 10 years and it's my favorite and most beneficial hour of that week.  I suffer from severe chronic back, neck and shoulder pain, and it takes extreme strength and wisdom to relieve my pain.    She has the best collection of techniques, strength, and sensitivity I have ever experienced, and I have had a lot of massages elsewhere.

Cynthia somehow discerns exactly where my current problems are and puts her heart and soul into an intense hour of therapy.   As my husband puts it, "Cynthia's magic fingers have eyeballs on them."  I think she can read my mind sometimes, as she knows just where to find the source of pain without me saying a single thing. The relief is both immediate and long lasting.

She doesn't just make you feel better, she analyzes your body and your pain and gives you exercises and tips tailored to your individual situation.  My husband and I have recommended her to many friends and colleagues, and they are unanimous in pronouncing hers the best massage they've ever had.

Cynthia is one of the very few people I have met who has a distinct aura, a real healing vibe. She also seems to be a serious academic, all scientific chapter and verse when it comes to describing what is up with my muscles and joints. Imagine your favorite doctor combined with your favorite priestess, and you've got Cynthia.

She's also a real sweetheart, a great listener, and always focused 100% on my session.

M.E.M. Oakland, CA



What athletes are saying...

I get a massage from Cynthia at Altered States twice a month. As a master bike racer, rest, recovery, and recuperation are all vital to reach my full athletic potential. Massage is one of the key components helping me to reach my cycling goals. Cynthia's body work is focused on the areas that need attention, aiding with my recovery. I always leave feeling great, flexible, and refreshed, with alleviated lower back pain.

Brian Fessenden, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Elite Cycling Team

"I first started seeing Cynthia while I was recovering from a serious back
injury.  The treatment I received was so beneficial and recuperative that I
have never stopped.  As a competitive bicycle racer, the aid to recovery and
injury prevention offered by massage is essential.  I could not have
competed at my level without Cynthia's work every week.  She is incredibly
knowledgeable, talented and curious and the best massage therapist I have
ever experienced.  I recommend her to all of my friends and clients, without
M.A. Berkeley, CA

Cynthia correctly assessed  soreness I was feeling in my hip as muscle related.  Her subsequent corrective efforts resulted in my being able to regain the stride length I was seeking.  As a nationally ranked, All -American, masters 800 meter runner, this has allowed me to continue my running at a level of performance I truly enjoy.
H.V.N. San Francisco, CA

Just a note to let you know your massage was VERY productive!  I felt great through the entire race and finished well. 8th place overall out of 156 finishers and 1st place in my age group!
J.C. Berkeley, CA

"I am an very active endurance cyclist with chronic low-back problems.
Cynthia has kept me on the bike and comfortable for a number of years
now. I don't know what I would do without her."
K.H. Oakland, CA

Thanks so much for that massage. I've been feeling great today. I think it really helped my legs recover - in fact, I'm dying to get back on my bike!
I.G. Oakland, CA


What clients say about the Advanced Muscle Care Newsletter and postural assessments...

Thanks so much for the articles on posture and exercise. The information was and is priceless. I have learned so,so much. I have a greater understanding and appreciation of good posture and exercise as well as the muscles that work overtime for our bodies.
C.G. Oakland, CA

These exercises are wonderful!  I have been trying to work on my posture for several months. Nothing makes a person look old before they want to like bad posture.  These exercises seem to be hitting spots that I have not.
A.P., Oakland, CA

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