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Therapeutic Massage


At Altered States a variety of massages are available, tailored for your comfort and needs.




Deep Tissue for Deep Health

Our signature massage, it uses a variety of advanced deep tissue techniques. This is the best massage for general health and well being. $95/hr    Click here to book a deep tissue massage now





Pain: "It Hurts Here"

Ever woke up with a sore neck? 

Ever had a backache that hit you for apparently no reason? 

This massage focuses on the areas involved, and facilitates a quick recovery from that pesky pain.  It is likely that a medical exercise program will be recommended as well. $95/hr

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Chronic Pain: "It Always Hurts Here"

Do you suffer from headaches, sciatica, lower back pain, or some other chronic pain or condition? Cynthia will design a massage strategy that includes neuromuscular, orthopedic and advanced deep tissue techniques to ease your specific pain or condition.  A medical exercise program may also be suggested to maintain your new found freedom when you’re not on the massage table. $95/hr

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Stress Buster 

 This massage is designed to allow your body to “zone out,” while receiving your massage. Cynthia will also targets specific knots where you carry tension,  such as in the neck and shoulders,  as well as allowing your body to de-stress.$95/hr

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Relax and Repose  

  Similar to the stress buster, Cynthia will work with your body in the way that is best for you to “come down” after too much rushing around, an extremely stressful day, or just having to go “too fast in your head.”  This is for the person who does not experience "knots" as much as the busy mind. $95/hr

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Proper Posture, Healthy Human

This massage focuses on the back, chest, neck and upper arms. 

In many of us, poor postural habits have caused these muscles to be strained, tight or weak.

This treatment releases those muscles that are overactive and tight, and renews muscles that have become weak and unable to function.

Postural exercises are given and discussed in order to retain the healing benefits of this massage service. $95/hr.

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"Road to Recovery" 

If you have suffered an injury of some sort or have had surgery, this massage is designed for you. In order to determine exactly what is needed, the session begins with a thorough assessment of the injury and injured area. After the assessment, a strategy is devised that is appropriate for the muscle groups and joints affected. Massage and a medical exercise program work hand in hand to accelerate your healing and eventual recovery.  $95/hr

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Injury and Post Rehabilitation:

After injury or surgery, a client typically goes through a rehabilitation program under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist, orthopedic physician, or chiropractor. After discharge from the initial rehab program, the client is usually in need of further therapy by a professional to maintain and improve the function gained in their rehab program. Post-rehab services aim to be the beginning phase of the long-term management of various medical conditions.

Altered States of Science provides both Therapeutic Massage and Medical Exercise to post-rehab clients who have medical clearance and a referral from their licensed physical therapist, physician or chiropractor.
Post-Rehab Services draw from both Medical Exercise and Therapeutic Massage and include:
• A Fitness Assessment (Functional Component Included)
• Strength Training
• Flexibility Training
• Functional Conditioning (work/sports/ADL specific training)
• Spinal Stabilization Training (To improve overall trunk stability)
• Neuromuscular Therapy
• Soft Tissue Release
• PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) Techniques
• Joint Mobilization



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